YES Foundation was founded in 2017. YES Foundation has over 11 years of experience in energy engineering analysis, construction project management, and business development combined. YES Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization education and influencing the youth to pursue engineering while promoting energy conservation awareness through STEM.


YES Foundation is a mobile program partnering with local nonprofit organizations established to encourage, educate, and influence children to pursue engineering while promoting energy conservation awareness. Our goal is to ignite the interest of youth today to shadow STEM leader’s paths in their post-secondary educational studies.

Problem + Opportunity

YES Foundation seeks to respond to growing calls to improve science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, by providing the increasing number of public and private schools that are touting their interest in STEM a specialized STEM program, largely centered on sustainable technology with a particular set of course offerings.


YES Foundation encourages learning across disciplines; promotes student inquiry and real-world problem solving; and connects students with people working in real STEM-related careers on campuses, in industry and in the community.


Quality in STEM integration is measurable and can be recognized by looking at essential indicators in our program. Parents and community leaders are encouraged to be involved and interact. The entire community has a crucial role to play when it comes to STEM and in collaborating with to make programs even more effective. YES works closely to ensure that this is realized.


Energy Conservation STEM activities: Shadowing opportunities to gain exposure to various engineering disciplines; Field trips to corporations and job sites; Mentoring and College Tours; Gateway to enroll children into college summer enrichment programs; Aerospace CRM children’s book giveaway program.


YES Foundation requires students to demonstrate their work in authentic ways-through projects, plans, and presentations that mirror what they will be required to do in their careers and in further learning. Students work independently and collaboratively and learn the way scientists do-by asking questions that lead them to discovering solutions to authentic and complex problems.


YES Foundation has partnered with Chris Ryan Miller, an aerospace engineer by day and early afternoon an inspiration in the classroom encouraging students to pursue their dreams. He uses his children’s books based on STEM to raise the awareness of how much understanding students already topics must inspire them to pursue careers in STEM. He too asked many questions of “How do” things work. For Chris, it was how do planes fly, the inspiration for his first children’s book.